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Music and Worship 6pm
Christmas Eve
(Dec. 24th)

The Season of Advent

Advent is the Latin word meaning to "approach."  During the Advent season we recognize that we are on two different kinds of approach.  The first is the most obvious; that we are approaching the yearly celebration of the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.  The second approach that we make is toward the coming of the Kingdom, where "things which were cast down are being raised up, and things which had grown old are being made new, and [where] all things are being brought to their perfection by him through whom all things were made." (BCP p. 528)

Advent reminds us that we are always making this dual approach in our lives; toward the life that we are being called into on a daily basis, and toward the eternal life that Jesus has ensured for us through his death and resurrection.  The Good News is that while we are working on our side, Jesus is always also approaching us, loving us, and working for our salvation.

As we await the coming of our Savior, and hear the words of the prophets of old, and put our trust in the promises of God's vision for our world, we invite you to join us for this Holy season, this Holy waiting, and His Holy approaching.

If this message of hope resonates, why not join us online or in-person?

Streetcar Madonna, 1946 - Allen Rohan Crite

Come Visit Us and see what St. Andrew's is all about; 10am Sunday (Online or in-person)

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Do you Belong at St. Andrew's?

The Short answer is, YES!

Who You Are

You are someone who has a deep sense of the spiritual part of life.  Maybe you're not sure about religions or religious people, but you're a seeker, and you aren't satisfied with easy answers.  You know that the world can be better and that you have a part to play.  You're looking for a way to engage and you know that we can achieve more when we work together cooperatively.  You love people for who they are.  You Belong Here.
We are a historically Black Episcopal Church, founded in 1894.  We are located just a few miles outside of downtown Cincinnati in the Evanston neighborhood.  We are also an LGBTQ+ affirming, racially and socio-economically diverse community of believers.  We are engaged in social justice and community-based initiatives in our neighborhood and our city.

Who We Are

What we Believe

Though we do things as human beings that hurt one another, hurt creation, and hurt God, God loves us and always encourages us to do better and love more fully.  We have an example of God's love for us in the life, ministry, and sacrificial love shown to us by Jesus Christ.  All people no matter what they look like, who they love, or how they express their identity is a beloved child of God.  You Belong Here.

The Episcopal Church is a branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion.  We affirm the goodness of all of God's people.  We accept all people for who God made them to be.  We support all transformations of life that lead God's people to a closer relationship with the divine. We are traditional, forward-moving, and sacramental.  

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Worship Schedule

10 - 11:15am  Sunday Mornings

(4th Sunday is Gospel Choir Sunday and Children's Sunday School)

Worship Schedule
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